Our online store is just a curated, ever-changing collection of items that we sell. Its a small sample of the 50,000+ items we sell in our Rutland store. If you don't see what you're looking for online - please visit our store and speak with a member of our team. We can help you find exactly what you want!


After you finish checkout and complete your purchase, you will receive an email receipt. Everything we sell online will list their estimated availability in the "Specifications" section in the product page. Please note that this time frame is an estimate only. We do not guarantee availability times. These are estimates made based on manufacturer experiences.


When your order is ready we will contact you to arrange pickup. Our first notification will be made by email using the address you gave at checkout. If we do not receive a response from you within 48 hours we will contact you by telephone.


  • Please call ahead or email us to schedule a pickup time in advance – so we can have it ready for you. Our warehouse and retail store have different hours, so it is important to coordinate your pickup with our team.
  • Please bring rope or tie-downs so you can secure you items in your vehicle (Items will be boxed and ready for transportation).
  • Please make sure you have a vehicle that can safely transport your order. Many of the products sold online list the dimensions of the box that the item comes in. If not - the store can give you dimensions.
  • If possible please bring able-bodied people to help load or unload your vehicle. Our warehouse has a dock which makes loading a vehicle easy. Because of insurance & liability employees cannot tie down or secure your order with rope - it is the customers responsibility to secure their cargo. Please verify everything is secured before driving off. It’s better to make 2 trips than to damage your cargo, yourself or another motorist.


We only offer Local Delivery to locations within a 30 mile radius of our store in Rutland, VT. You can check the distance and find out how far away your location is via Google Maps.

Live outside our local delivery radius? Call the store to set up delivery at: 1-802-772-4341


  • Local Delivery Fee is $119 (within 30 miles)
  • Haul-Away Fee: $30 (per item)

If you selected "Local Delivery" during checkout a member of our team will contact you once your order is received, inspected and ready to be delivered. If you need to reschedule your delivery please call the store at: 1-802-772-4341.


We sell big ticket items and offer delivery to make the process easy and more enjoyable for customers. We will however take old items that customers are replacing to the dump - for a $30 fee (each item). Example: Customer buys a sofa from us, we deliver the new sofa and haul-away the old sofa. Please note - we do not haul away items we do not sell like appliances and electronics.

Delivery Guidelines

  • Delivery personnel cannot remove their shoes (insurance reasons)
  • Delivery will not haul-away old items if it is not listed on your receipt. Please let the store know if you want us to haul away old items.
  • Please measure your doorways before hand to ensure your product will fit. Delivery fees are non-refundable. If they come to you house with an item that does not fit through your doorway you will not receive a refund for your delivery charge.
  • If possible please please have a safe path to and through your home. We do not hoist items through second story windows.


We are here to serve our customers – it’s our sole purpose. If you have a bad experience - we want to know. We appreciate any comments, feedback to help us improve our process.


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